Thursday, August 30, 2012

Royal Rose

Diane von Fustenberg
ASOS (bought here)
M)phosis (on sale!) =D
Dune (found here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs (seen a while back here)
from Mom (a gift from her friend, bought in Paris)
Hazel - Isetan Wisma Atria

Hello! I hope you are all having a great week so far! =)

It's been quite a while! I'm sorry I disappeared for a bit without a word. =X I had a really bad stomach upset over a week back and saw a total of 4 doctors in a week. FML. It was the week that Mommy and Daddy went to BKK Thailand with Chris and the Hubs was away for his National Service reservist for 2 whole weeks! Seriously!! Is there a worst time? It got so bad that I had 2 jabs and finally went to the A&E at the nearby hospital. Thank God, Tristan could get some time off to send me to the hospital. I thought I was gonna implode! - ___  - |||

Anyways, I am loving this outfit, are you? =P Royal blue with hints of rose (does this explain the title of the post?)! It got lots of looks and compliments, and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it again! =D I got the top at a steal while shopping with Mom some time back but never found the right bottom to complement it till I got the skirt. I was telling Tristan that this is definitely one of those outfits that Daddy would love. My dad loves classic simple outfits and he sort of influenced me since I was a kid! =P

I'm now starting to get a teeny weeny bit excited about our 2nd honeymoon trip to Europe on 27th September. =D I can't wait to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the cathedrals and go shopping!! Less than a month to go, Serene! (^ o  ^ *)v

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